Across Europe, BigMat provides a professioanl approach in order to be close to the needs of its clients.

The priority in every outlet is how to deal with customers through:


Professional advice

A warm welcome

An estimates service

Technical demonstrations

An extensive stock of the best brands

Speedy loading and delivery

Well-structured credit facilities


Why become an official member?


BigMat is a network of independent businesses run by enterprising, responsible and autonomous owners. Each of our sales outlets is thus unique and therefore different, always adapting to our clients’ needs.

Spirit of Excellence

At BigMat, excellence is viewed as the will to position yourself ahead of competing offerings by always looking for solutions that adapt to each case. BigMat is a constant quest for advancement, training and expertise.


Through its role as a distributor of building materials and technical information, BigMat enjoys a central position on its markets. In addition, transparency is a core value in its operations with business partners, clients and colleagues.

Solidarity and ability to co-operate

For BigMat, solidarity is a natural and essential value in our co-operative system and is expressed through the solid ties binding network members in their respect for others’ needs.

Advice and assistance

BigMat guarantees a linking role between building companies and the users of construction products. At BigMat sales outlets, our service teams play a key role in terms of technical advice about all players in the building industry: from craftsmen to the general public.


The human dimension forms part of BigMat’s DNA. Conviviality is therefore written in our genes and is expressed through proximity and our conversations with clients.


Knowing how to listen, communicate and transmit trust by strengthening relationships with clients and colleagues. Sharing is a central value on the BigMat network.


Proximity brings us back to the local nature of the BigMat agency network, but also to the necessary closeness to work sites and of course the very strong proximity arising out of the relationship with our private and professional clients.

Engagement with urban transformation

The “BigMat International Architecture Award” (BMIAA) recognizes architectural excellence by fostering dialogue between the various figures participating in the construction sector with the aim of improving building quality.