BigMat members are very close to their professional clients. As entrepreneurs like them, they do their best each day to offers a rigourous selection of high-quality products and provides optimal services.


A specialized range of building products for new builds and refurbishment

Building shell

Insulation & plaster


Wood & joinery

Tools & hardware

Sanitary & heating





A specialized range of building products for new builds and refurbishment

BigMat is committed to offering a complete high-quality service to reward everyone trusting the chain when acquiring building products and material. Thanks to its different loyalty programmes proposed, BigMat will provide you with numerous special offers and other exclusive advantages at its sales outlets.

BigRent is the service we propose to all of our clients at BigMat Group stores in the countries involved, for the hiring of small and medium-sized equipment with the guarantee of our brand, the leader in our sector. It is possible to hire all kinds of building materials and tools from us, all in perfect condition and ready to use, perhaps for a one-off job, for a few days or to respond to an increased workload. As a result, avoiding the related investment is now child’s play for our customers.

For BigMat, every one of our customers’ projects poses new challenges, a new opportunity. For that reason a high-performing logistic team is of the maximum importance for our operation. It adapts to the needs of building sites and commits to delivering everything to you where and when you need it, always respecting the most demanding delivery conditions.

A sensitivity developed to accredit the importance given to Eco-Construction solutions. One of the first concerns of the BigMat chain is to provide you, our customers, with a technical advice service that adapts to your needs and particularly with regard to energy renewal. More than ever before, building with respect for the environment is today a greater reality for the construction sector.

Catalogues and guides: for full, detailed solutions for our building materials, as well as how to use them. By consulting our catalogues, you will discover the main areas for application of these products, along with their advantages depending on how you use them. The products on sale at our outlets are selected from among the ranges proposed by our benchmark suppliers and international market leaders, thus guaranteeing quality and reliability.

In some countries, BigMat brings in innovation thanks to its services for members. For each of its specialist exhibits, the group adapts to each member depending on the space available at each store. In this way, BigMat can provide the end customers with a functional and well-structured image in a consistent space. What is more, these exhibition spaces benefit from staff to accompany customers in the planning and choice of materials for rebuilding, refurbishment, or the creation of new spaces.

The stores in the BigMat group propose a specialist painting corner to its customers for their decoration activities. BigMat Colour responds to the demands focusing on paints, varnishes and colours, without forgetting the whole range of accessories needed. All our customers, whether private individuals or professionals, have qualified and constantly updated personnel available and ready to give them the advice they need to carry out their work. A full range of products from high-quality leading brands is always available.