BigMat announces the accession of BigMat Slovakia

In a complicated economic and European market context, Europe’s leading independent construction material wholesaler, BigMat International continues to expand across Europe.
Thursday, 11 September 2014 in Bratislava, Zdenko Francisty, the new President of BigMat Slovakia, Claude Coutant, President of BigMat International and Matteo Camillini, Director of BigMat International announced the introduction of the brand in Slovakia during a press conference at the Arcadia Hotel in the presence of many economic journalists and sector specialists, major suppliers and all the members of the BigMat International Board of Directors.
Slovakia’s joining of the group reaffirms our position as an international leader in the distribution of building material and reflects the ambitious development projects in Eastern Europe.
In Slovakia, the brand now has 8 new stores and six new members who will bring a new dimension to the group, as they also benefit from its experience.
In the specific case of Slovakia, the brand’s mission is to become a network that geographically covers the country based on its market, its population and also the competition. BigMat Slovakia members will establish the most suitable strategy to grow in this new market.
The President of the brand, Claude Coutant also emphasizes that “Our strength, wherever we operate, is to have a well-developed and dense network; an indispensable condition for being able to deploy and reap the benefits of the association of companies united under the brand. BigMat Slovakia holds exclusive rights to the BigMat brand in this country and the Slovak members will be fully in charge of development and its rate.”
BigMat International now has over 830 outlets across Europe and aims to bring together companies from different countries around a proven and also flexible formula.

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