Belgium: PMO BigMat and BigMat Day

The fourth edition of the PMO BigMat and BigMat Day was held on 31 January and 1 February 2014 at the WEX (Marche-en-Famenne) in Belgium.

This double event allowed for a direct and concrete encounter of group members, main suppliers (62 stands), and the best professional customers.

An event that none of the group’s players could pass up, and an encounter that everyone had awaited.

The event took place in two stages:

• A PMO/BigMarket trade show –Friday, 31 January– that consisted in a purchasing day for members and suppliers. The day concluded with a dinner and a show that brought together all the participants.
• BigMat Day –Saturday, 1 February– was a day set aside for the group’s 1200 best professional clients; it ended with a surprise themed reception.

The trade show was a huge success for the BigMat group, given that 100% of the members (about 70 to 130 people) participated and each had the opportunity to be accompanied by 44 customers on Saturday.

The success culminated with a purchasing volume of nearly € 4.5 million on Friday, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of this important event.

We can also highlight the significant involvement of manufacturers, with more than 160 persons attending both days.

This event truly pleased and stimulated the members’ growing enthusiasm. In fact, they have decided to organise the trade show every year, and the trade show with customers every two years. So, we will see you at the next trade show on 30 January, 2015!

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